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The Gang

Earlier this year I had the huge pleasure of meeting five amazing dogs and photographing them in the studio as one big group shot.  Now, those of you who’ve visited the studio will know that it’s not a huge space, so I didn’t have a hope in hell of squeezing five dogs into it in...


I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this little stunner, Hank (who forever in my eyes will be Hank the Hunk) on one of my fundraising sessions for Llys Nini.   LOCATION:  Penllergaer TIME:  10:45am   Hank is a rescued cocker spaniel who has been with his new family for a year, he can be...

Lupin & Puppies

PUPPIES…..what else can I say? This blog should come with a serious warning – these pups are just way too cute. I was contacted by the lovely Nic and Mike, who are Lupin’s humans.  Lupin is a very special dog: she’s a trained trick dog with her own agent.  But, the most special thing I...