Location:    Three Cliffs Bay

Time:        2:30pm

Timmy and his humans came on an epic mini adventure with me on their session on a beautifully warm September afternoon.  Venturing out from Southgate we took in the beautiful views of Three Cliffs Bay from the clifftops.  Timmy obliged me by posing beautifully at the top of the cliffs overlooking the iconic rocks that give Three Cliffs Bay its name.

His humans had pre-warned me that Timmy is a total water baby, so it was absolutely no surprise to them that as soon as he spotted the water and the path down to it that he was gone!  So with us still navigating the path down to Pobbles beach from the cliff, Timmy was already well on his way across to the sand…leaving me with an image of a secluded section of beach and a tiny solitary dog.

Once on the beach, Timmy barely ventured out of the water.  Luckily it was a beautiful day in early September and the sea was still warm so I took the plunge too and crept into the sea to take some gorgeous images of Timmy doing what he loves best – chasing his ball and leaping into the sea in the way that you’d expect a springer spaniel to.  We also captured some beautiful posed shots of Timmy intently waiting for his ball – he is one seriously focused dog!

From there, we explored more of the beach and captured some more images of Timmy against that iconic backdrop.  Then we made our way up through the river that meanders and coils its way down the bay. I love this river, it’s always warm this time of year and I just love wading in it.  If you stop, just for a moment, and look down between your toes you’ll see all the little fish going about their day. One part of this river that I absolutely adore is the stepping stones.  The green from the moss and seaweed that grows on the stones is so lush and vibrant, and the stones are perfectly located to take in the gorgeous vista of the sand dunes. So, we posed Timmy on the middle stone and I got my feet (and maybe my bum) a little bit wet – but it was totally worth it.

Next, our adventure took us up the sand dunes towards Pennard Castle.  And this is where I admit that I am not as fit as I thought I was! The steep climb up to the castle was a killer, but such a fab work out!  Timmy put us all to shame as he climbed the dunes in record speed, leaving me huffing and puffing far behind. A quick stop at the castle, and then a walk back to Southgate along the dunes and back up the cliff brought our session to an end.

This is just a small snippet of Timmy’s images from his session…I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.


Springer Spaniel photographed at Three Cliffs Bay, Gower, by Mucky Pup Photography