I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Honey and her family on one of my fundraising sessions for Llys Nini.


LOCATION:  Penllergaer

TIME:  9:00am


Honey was a little bit nervous of me at first, so I kept my distance and used my telephoto lens to begin with so as not to intimidate her.  But with a bit of patience (and the help of sausages) we became firm friends by the end of the session.

The one thing I learned about Honey at the session was that she has an incredible bond with her Dad – wherever he went, her eyes would follow – so we used this to our advantage and got some beautiful eye contact with the camera.  I do warn all my clients that there is no such thing as “personal space” on my sessions – we usually have to work in quite close quarters in order to get the best engagement from the dogs, and I’ve got to say, Honey’s family were fully committed to the cause, and it really paid off – especially in the first image of her below.  Even though this was a “mini-session” for charity, I do still aim to give my clients a good range of images, so we made sure to finish up with a little bit of action at the end.

Because of the location, we had no choice but to keep Honey on her lead throughout, but with a little bit of work in post production, the lead has been completely edited out, leaving us with gorgeous images.