Product Feature | Folio Boxes

Bringing a new item to the blog:  Product Features


I thought it’d be nice to share with you an in-depth look at the products that I have made for my clients.  I’m a huge, HUGE advocate for printed products…I really believe that the images of your dogs deserve to be on display in some shape or form, and not stored on a hard drive somewhere waiting to be forgotten.  And this is why I myself have a dedicated Dexter wall at home.  In fact, the large aluminium print I have of Dexter (which is usually hanging up in my living room) comes to every single trade show with me as I love the quality and honestly I just love to show it off.


So, lets start this new feature with…Folio Boxes


I adore these boxes.  They are a perfect and elegant way to store and display multiple prints if you don’t have a ton of wall space.  The folio box is made to be a stand out piece, perfect for the coffee table or sideboard, and the added personal touch of your dog’s name on the cover means it’s totally unique and special to you.

The boxes are linen covered and made to a supremely high standard.  With a range of interior and exterior colours available, you really can make the folio box to match your style.


And most importantly, the folio boxes come with 15 images of your choice beautifully printed on lustre paper and mounted on a rigid board, so they’re ideal for propping up on an easel, or equally can be framed in a frame of your choice.

The joy of having the prints in a folio box is that you have a beautiful talking piece, unique to you and your dogs, but you also have multiple images to choose to display as you wish.  You can also easily swap out the images if you fancy changing your decor and the remaining prints can live in the box, perfectly protected, but not forgotten.