Lupin & Puppies

PUPPIES…..what else can I say?

This blog should come with a serious warning – these pups are just way too cute.

I was contacted by the lovely Nic and Mike, who are Lupin’s humans.  Lupin is a very special dog: she’s a trained trick dog with her own agent.  But, the most special thing I witnessed at this session (puppies excluded) is the connection between her and Nic…the bond between the two of them is just beautiful, and honestly, it’s something to strive for.

I met Lupin and her pups when they were just four weeks old.  The pups had just come through a serious health scare – thankfully they are all healthy and thriving now.  Needless to say, because of this, the session had to be done indoors. Luckily, I had my portable studio kit to hand, so I arrived at Nic and Mike’s door laden with my studio background and my lighting set-up.  An amazing session was to follow.


You need to work fast with puppies – not only because they are squirmy little bundles of gorgeousness, but also because they can’t be away from Mam and their specially heated room for too long.  So, we worked fast, but my goodness we worked well! To say I’m happy with the finished images is an understatement – I am absolutely over the moon. I knew on the day from looking at the back of the camera at the session that I had some absolutely amazing shots, and I knew instinctively what style of edit the images needed – I am so proud of the finished pieces.