Location:  Llangennith

Time:  6pm


I’ve been so bad at keeping the blog up to date recently!  This is a session from last Summer (2020), just after I’d started taking bookings again after the Covid restrictions had been relaxed.

Freddie is a very special little guy who has brought light and love into his human’s life.  I met up with Freddie and his human at Llangennith last Summer; they’d made the journey from Cardiff specially.

The walk to the beach from Hill End carpark isn’t too long at all, depending which route you take.  We’d opted for the main path straight through the dunes, which is actually a really good place to stop for some photos as there are great lead in lines along the path, which really helped to frame Freddie.  The only slight problem is looking like a bit of a weirdo lying in the middle of the path while other “normal” people are making their way to the beach (it was worth it though).

Freddie Cockerpoo on the beach path at Llangennith

We headed onto the beach and down towards the sea for Freddie to have a run and do his best kangaroo impression.  Then it was time to break out the wide angle lens for a shot of a slightly drenched Freddie against an imposing sky with Rhossili and Worm’s Head in the background.  I’m trying really hard to remember to use my wide angle lens at every session, it gives such a different view of the world to the usual 70-200mm zoom lens that’s usually attached to my camera for the majority of my sessions.

Freddie Cockerpoo Collage on the beach at Llangennith

After we’d finished at the beach, we made our way back up to the car park and onto a little roundabout that was full of wildflowers in blossom.  I love wildflowers and had a vision already set in my head of how I’d like the finalised image of Freddie in the blossoms to look.  It took a little bit of Photoshop mastery, but I’m so pleased I made the effort as I really love this shot of Freddie.

Freddie Cockerpoo in the wildflowers at Llangennith