Location:  Llanmadoc

Time: 9:30am


Cymro was my first session back after taking a break due to Covid restrictions, and he was an absolute pleasure.  I’ll be honest, I’d been nervous about picking the camera back up again after taking such a long break – I hadn’t photographed another person’s dog since February and I was afraid I’d forgotten what to do.  But, Cymro was a perfect dog model, and his humans were the lovliest people.


We met at Llanmadoc at 9:30am and made our way into the woods.  I really do love the woods there, the pine needles carpet the ground and give it a lovely red tinge.  And, we were blessed with a bit of sun shining through the trees, which is a bonus in Wales (even in the summer!).  Cymro’s humans were keen to get a few images of them all together, which isn’t something that many people ask me for, so it was a nice challenge to capture a few family moments.  I’m really pleased with the end result and I absolutely love the connection between Cymro and his Mam.


The lovely thing about Llanmadoc is that it gives so many opportunities for varied locations for shooting.  A short walk through the woods and the trees give way to sand dunes.  Then, a little trek over the dunes and the beach opens up in front of you.  It may not be the prettiest beach in Swansea or the Gower, but it’s the PERFECT dog beach!  We had a slight hiccup on Cymro’s session as we had a bit of a downpour as we arrived at the beach.  But, luckily Cymro’s humans came prepared with umbrellas (unlike me).  After about 15 minutes of sheltering from the rain, which was crazily heavy and out of the blue, it blew its way eastward and we welcomed lovely blue skies and sunshine again.  Perfect conditions for some action shots.


Then it was a little walk down to the shoreline for Cymro to have a paddle in the sea.  I really do love capturing dogs in water.  I just love the glittering shimmer of the waves and the reflections of the dogs in wet sand.


And with that, Cymro’s session was over and we made our way back through the dunes and up the hill to the cars, via a cheeky little stop off at Cwm Ivy Coffee Shop for a cuppa and a snack.  It’s the perfect place to stop off at after a day out exploring.


Black Labrador in the woods and on the beach with his human


Cymro’s owners loved his photos and decided to invest in a custom Folio Box of multiple images of him.  I really do love the folio boxes because they provide great versatility, whilst also looking AMAZING!  Cymro’s human’s opted for a faux suede box in fuchsia pink, and I’ve got to say that even though I’m not a huge fan of pink, I am totally sold on this colour!

Customised Folio Box of Images in Fuchsia Pink