Cursing the Weather

Ah, don’t you just love our wonderful Welsh weather?!  As I type I’m sitting cwtched up in my fleecy jumper and a blanket (yep, I’m cold) listening to the rain hammering on the windows and the wind howling outside.  Dexter is oblivious to it, and is way too occupied with being sprawled upside-down on the settee, chilling out after our rather wet and blustery walk.

This, unfortunately, is the one downfall of running an on-location photography business, rather than a studio.   When the rubbish weather sets in, it means photoshoots get postponed until the pouring rain has stopped and we can reschedule for a better day.  Now, I don’t really mind getting a bit muddy, and the odd owner doesn’t mind nipping out for a shoot in a bit of drizzle, but I think we all draw the line at horizontal rain!  So, for today I’m confined to admin tasks and website updating – ah, the joys!

You may have noticed that I’ve updated my logo – this is courtesy of the lovely Stacey at SLS Creative.  The eagle-eyed of you, may also  have noticed that the pooch in the logo is actually Dexter – a little homage to the inspiration behind Mucky Pup Photography 🙂

Mucky Pup Photography Swansea South Wales

Hmm, Dexter is now snoring away rather loudly and the rain is getting heavier, but I’m being optimistic and am planning a little competition soon in the hope that the next few weeks will be bringing better weather for more photoshoots.  So, keep your eyes peeled here and on Facebook for more info.  Enjoy your day…whatever the weather  xx