Britain’s Favourite Dogs

ITV’s “Britain’s Favourite Dogs: Top 100” aired last week and (SPOILER ALERT) the Labrador was named as Britain’s favourite dog – I don’t think there was really much of a surprise there!  If you didn’t catch the programme and are intrigued to see the results, then have a nose at the Top 100.

There are definitely some interesting breeds in there, and it was super nice to see the good old mixed breed (aka Heinz 57) ranking high on the list.

Looking back through my past photography sessions, it dawned on me that I am so lucky to encounter dogs of every possible size and breed.  I also realised that I’d managed to capture the personalities of quite a few of the breeds on that list.  From my very own Border Collie (ranking at number 5), down to the Bedlington Terrier (ranked at 99).  Here’s a small selection of some of the featured breeds that I’ve had the pleasure to photograph over the years:

Jack Russell Mucky Pup Photography

The Jack Russell (No. 4)

Beddlington Terrier Mucky Pup Photography

The Beddlington Terrier (No. 99)

Rottweiler Mucky Pup Photography

The Rottweiler (No. 32)

The Mixed Breed (No. 2)

The Labrador (No. 1)

I think the one solid fact that we can get from the programme is that no matter the size or the  breed, we are most definitely a nation of dog lovers and we are lucky to share our homes and our hearts with these furry beasts 🙂

If you’d like to arrange a photography session for your personal “Number 1” dog breed, then just give me a shout.