You Never Stop Learning

It’s good to push yourself.

Sometimes it’s easy to sit back and accept the way things are: where you are in life, in business or creative endeavours. Uncertainty can often hold us back, but if you push yourself just a little bit, you may just find that the most amazing things are just on the other side of your fears.

Sometimes I feel this way with my photography, which is why I like to push myself by taking part in creative challenges. For the last couple of years I’ve taken part in the Unleashed Pet Photography Challenges, and this year is no different. So from now until the end of August, I will be completing as many of the challenges as I can, and will be documenting how each session goes. I’m going to be needing some models for these challenges, so if you feel like you and your dog are up for it, then fill out my model form.

Here’s a little look back at previous dog photography challenges: