Teddy in the Studio

Teddy the chihuahua came to the studio a little while ago for his portrait session and I may have fallen just a little bit in love with him. He’s such a sassy little dude and absolutely bursting with personality. He may be tiny, but what he lacks in stature he makes up for in style!

Chihuahua photographed in the studio on grey and turquoise backdrop

I think Teddy may well be the smallest dog I’ve photographed, which presented its own unique challenges. If you’ve had a session with me then you’ll have seen me executing some yoga moves to get as low as I possibly can to photograph the dog from the most flattering angle. Ideally I’m aiming for eye level or lower, which is kind of difficult when the dog is about the same size as the camera! I think I spent most of my time lying flat on my stomach to get the best angle for Teddy. But we did cheat a little and popped him up on my cool retro chair for some stylised shots, this not only helped to elevate him (and save my back), but also added some really nice curves and textures to the images.

Chihuahua photographed on a white chair in the studio

I always give my clients background colour choices for their studio session. I’ve got a good collection of colours ranging from greys through to bright yellow and also a selection of pretty pastel shade too. Initially Teddy’s human opted for grey, which is a lovely classic yet modern choice – it also works well with her colour scheme at home. But I like to add a little bit of variety so will usually encourage clients to choose an extra colour as well. Teddy’s human went for a lovely turquoise as her second choice, and I’m so glad she did as it worked so well with Teddy’s colouring. The turquoise was a big hit with Teddy’s human too and it was one of the turquoise images that she chose to print as her big framed acrylic.

The final wall piece that Teddy’s human chose – his little tongue is almost always poking out

Studio sessions are based out of The Retreat Canine Hydrotherapy centre in Llansamlet, Swansea. If you’d like to book a session for yourself, then please just give me a shout.