Denis at Burry Port

Denis’ Dog Photography Session at Burry Port

Location: Burry Port Harbour

Time: 7am

Burry Port is fast becoming a favourite place for my dog photography sessions. Denis’ Human has already had a studio session with me (which Denis absolutely rocked by the way), but decided this time round that she wanted a session in one of their favourite places.

Everyone must know by now that my favourite time of day for location sessions is either early morning, or late evening. With summer well on its way, and beautiful weather forecasted, we figured that early morning would be our best best as it would likely be a lot quieter than closer to sunset. So we met at 7am in the harbour, with a cloudless blue sky above, and started our adventure.

First things first, we headed on to the beach as the tide was well on its way in and I knew I wanted to make use of the wet sand to try and get some reflections of Denis and the lighthouse. I hadn’t realised how fast the tide comes in at Burry Port, and whilst lying prone on the ground, camera up to my face and concentrating purely on Denis, I didn’t quite register the yells of “Sarah! SARAH!!!!!” quickly enough and may have gotten slightly soaked by the incoming tide. Luckily, I’ve got my priorities straight and managed to hold the camera up in the air in an almost yoga-like pose (except lacking any kind of elegance!). I always get covered in dirt or sand at a session, and I’m glad I did again this time, because I love the series of shots of Denis on the beach.

wire haired fox terrier on the beach at Burry Port

Next, we made our way up onto the path and made fools of ourselves trying to get Denis to pose nicely in amongst some wild flowers. Then we headed over to the Lifeboat Station, which is constructed of beautiful sandy coloured stone. The sun was so bright at this point (even though it wasn’t even 8am yet), that we had to swap over to the shady side of the station to stop Denis from squinting. I spotted some wooden bollards by the station and wanted to try a perspective shot of Denis peeking out between the bollards. Luckily Denis and his Human indulged me and this has ended up being the image that will be printed nice and big on aluminium.

wire haired fox terrier in wildflowers and peeking through bollards

Lastly, we were focusing on Denis and Burry Port Lighthouse. We wandered to the edge of the harbour wall and got some shots of Denis standing across the water from the lighthouse. Then we walked round the harbour to get a much closer view of the Lighthouse. I love the low angle view with all the grass in the foreground and Denis looking so proud. We called it a day not long after this as the sun was getting stronger and we could really feel the heat intensifying.

wire haired fox terrier at Burry Port with lighthouse in the background

If you like what you see and think you’d fancy a session with your dog, then please give me a shout.