It's almost here...bluebell season. 

There is something so breathtakingly beautiful about our woodlands carpeted with these delicate little gems.  I just love the bluebell's tenacity, it may be a small flower, but my gosh in numbers, it is mighty!  And what stunning scenes they create too.  They really provide a special opportunity to capture beautiful portraits of dogs in such quintessential British surroundings.  And the fact that they are so fleeting makes them and the portraits created even more treasured.

As bluebells appear and disappear so quickly, I will only be able to offer a limited number of sessions - these will obviously be dependent on the bluebell turnout and the weather.  Register your interest using the form below and I will make sure that you are on the shortlist when Bluebell seasons comes around.  I will be contacting all registrants during April to arrange their sessions.

Bluebell Session: register your interest

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Bluebell Sessions