The Gang

Earlier this year I had the huge pleasure of meeting five amazing dogs and photographing them in the studio as one big group shot.  Now, those of you who’ve visited the studio will know that it’s not a huge space, so I didn’t have a hope in hell of squeezing five dogs into it in one go.  So, I went to the drawing board to work out the best plan to achieve the group shot that “The Gang’s” humans wanted.  A little bit of umm-ing and ahh-ing on my part went by. Then a Eurika moment, followed by some test shots of my own boy in the studio…and a solid plan was formed.

Using a little bit of Photoshop wizardry (along with some meticulous planning) I was able to photograph each dog individually and then carefully merge the single images together to create one big group shot.  And I’ve got to say, I’m pretty pleased with it.  The Gang’s humans are too – this beauty was printed nice and large as a gorgeous aluminium print.

Group studio photograph of five dogs border collies and saluki cross Swansea


The Ultimate Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

Christmas Gift Inspiration

Christmas is approaching, and it’s coming fast!  With less than seven weeks until the big day (that’s only six shopping weekends left), I thought I’d share my ultimate guide to gifts for dog and pet lovers.

From photography and paintings, to treats galore, I’ll introduce you to some of my friends in the dog world. So read on…I think you’ll find some exceptional presents for your loved ones.


Mucky Pup Photography

Treat your loved one and their pet to their very own photography session.  Whether on the beach, or in the studio, Mucky Pup Photography is dedicated to capturing the perfect image of your dog, letting their personality shine through.  My photography sessions (especially on location) are all about enjoying the moments with you dogs; I aim for the session itself to be a complete experience for dog and human to enjoy together – see it as an adventure…and the bonus is the beautiful artwork at the end.

Mucky Pup Photography is based in Swansea, but takes bookings UK wide.

Get in touch to order your Christmas Gift Certificates.

Christmas Gift Ideas Mucky Pup Photography Photo Shoot

Where to find Mucky Pup Photography:

Website:, or visit my Facebook or Instagram


Amy Spittle ArtAmy Spittle ArtAmy Spittle is an illustrator and portraitist with a modern, stylish and contemporary edge.  I love Amy’s work so much that I’ve commissioned two pieces from her so far – one as a gift, and one of my very own Dexter, which is hanging in pride of place on my living room wall.  Amy has such an obvious passion, not only for art but for dogs too, and her style is beautifully unique.

You can purchase Gift Vouchers for a commissioned piece, or check our Amy’s Esty store for some beautiful prints and distinctive products.  Amy is very kindly giving 10% off to anybody who quotes MUCKYPUP when they order.

Amy Spittle Art

Where to find Amy:
Website:, or check out her Facebook, Instagram and Etsy



Coco Loco Boutique

Custom made dog bandanas & gifts designed and handmade with love, available direct from the Coco Loco Etsy Store.  The perfect gift for any dog lover – Coco Loco’s products are eye-catching, unique and super trendy.  And what’s more, they’re all lovingly designed and made by hand by Rhianna. If you want a dapper dog this Christmas, then look not further than Coco Loco.

Coco Loco Boutique

Where to find Coco Loco:

Shop:, or find them on Facebook and Instagram


Doggy Desserts

Treat your canine companion to delicious cakes and treats baked with love by Lee and the Team.  Doggy Desserts are a fully licensed, dedicated doggy bakery based in Llanelli. They may be local, but they supply their delicious treats and cakes throughout the UK.  Dexter loves their biscuits and a lot of my clients have thoroughly enjoyed the cakes too (you may have seen them feature in my Cake Smash sessions).

Order your cakes and treats well in time for Christmas – you don’t want a disappointed doggy on Christmas morning.

Doggy Desserts

Where to find Doggy Desserts:

Website:, or find them on Facebook and Instagram


The Dog & I

​If it’s pampering your after, then look no further that The Dog & I.  They create a variety of bathing and grooming products with the aim of keeping dogs fit and healthy, as naturally and holistically as possible. With a sound eco friendly mission and a passion for all things dog, you really cannot go wrong. The balms and soap bar are top of my list for Dexter this year.

The Dog & I

Where to find The Dog & I:

Website:, or check them out on Facebook and Instagram


Paw Casting – The Retreat

For a truly personal gift, The Retreat offer paw casting sessions for your dog.  Your dog’s paw will be immortalised in clay, painted and presented in a classic glass bell jar with wooden base.   Casting sessions are run monthly, but gift vouchers are available for those who want to gift the full experience.

This truly is a one of a kind gift for dog lovers.

The Retreat

Where to find The Retreat:

Website:, or find them on Facebook


Silver Pet Prints

If it’s jewellery for a loved one that you’re after, then you can’t go wrong with Silver Pet Prints.  Your pet’s exact paw print is imprinted onto a silver pendant to be affixed to a necklace, bracelet or keychain; it’s a  beautiful, unique gift and something to treasure forever.

Get in touch with Natalie at Silver Pet Prints Services South Wales.

Silver Pet Prints

Where to find them:

You can find Silver Pet Prints on Facebook


Ginger Ted

Ginger Ted are designers and suppliers of high quality doggy apparel and accessories.  From collars and leads to coats and jumpers, Ginger Ted has it all.  Their passion is to improve the lives of dogs and their humans by offering high quality products that enable dogs to be dogs.  Check them out for all your hound’s outdoor wear needs.

Ginger Ted

Where to find Ginger Ted:

Website:, or check them out on Facebook and Instagram


Giving Back

If you choose, as some people do, not to give Christmas gifts then maybe consider making a donation to a local animal charity instead.  This way you give the gift of warmth, food and love to an animal in need.


Well, there you go – the list is complete.  Hopefully it’s a good bit of inspiration for those of you shopping for crazy pet people.  And the added joy here is that each of these businesses are real people, not large, faceless high street brands.  So I can guarantee you that if you do buy from any of them, then a real person will do an actual happy dance.

Happy shopping & Merry Christmas!

Sarah x


Location:    Three Cliffs Bay

Time:        2:30pm

Timmy and his humans came on an epic mini adventure with me on their session on a beautifully warm September afternoon.  Venturing out from Southgate we took in the beautiful views of Three Cliffs Bay from the clifftops.  Timmy obliged me by posing beautifully at the top of the cliffs overlooking the iconic rocks that give Three Cliffs Bay its name.

His humans had pre-warned me that Timmy is a total water baby, so it was absolutely no surprise to them that as soon as he spotted the water and the path down to it that he was gone!  So with us still navigating the path down to Pobbles beach from the cliff, Timmy was already well on his way across to the sand…leaving me with an image of a secluded section of beach and a tiny solitary dog.

Once on the beach, Timmy barely ventured out of the water.  Luckily it was a beautiful day in early September and the sea was still warm so I took the plunge too and crept into the sea to take some gorgeous images of Timmy doing what he loves best – chasing his ball and leaping into the sea in the way that you’d expect a springer spaniel to.  We also captured some beautiful posed shots of Timmy intently waiting for his ball – he is one seriously focused dog!

From there, we explored more of the beach and captured some more images of Timmy against that iconic backdrop.  Then we made our way up through the river that meanders and coils its way down the bay. I love this river, it’s always warm this time of year and I just love wading in it.  If you stop, just for a moment, and look down between your toes you’ll see all the little fish going about their day. One part of this river that I absolutely adore is the stepping stones.  The green from the moss and seaweed that grows on the stones is so lush and vibrant, and the stones are perfectly located to take in the gorgeous vista of the sand dunes. So, we posed Timmy on the middle stone and I got my feet (and maybe my bum) a little bit wet – but it was totally worth it.

Next, our adventure took us up the sand dunes towards Pennard Castle.  And this is where I admit that I am not as fit as I thought I was! The steep climb up to the castle was a killer, but such a fab work out!  Timmy put us all to shame as he climbed the dunes in record speed, leaving me huffing and puffing far behind. A quick stop at the castle, and then a walk back to Southgate along the dunes and back up the cliff brought our session to an end.

This is just a small snippet of Timmy’s images from his session…I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.


Springer Spaniel photographed at Three Cliffs Bay, Gower, by Mucky Pup Photography


I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Honey and her family on one of my fundraising sessions for Llys Nini.


LOCATION:  Penllergaer

TIME:  9:00am


Honey was a little bit nervous of me at first, so I kept my distance and used my telephoto lens to begin with so as not to intimidate her.  But with a bit of patience (and the help of sausages) we became firm friends by the end of the session.

The one thing I learned about Honey at the session was that she has an incredible bond with her Dad – wherever he went, her eyes would follow – so we used this to our advantage and got some beautiful eye contact with the camera.  I do warn all my clients that there is no such thing as “personal space” on my sessions – we usually have to work in quite close quarters in order to get the best engagement from the dogs, and I’ve got to say, Honey’s family were fully committed to the cause, and it really paid off – especially in the first image of her below.  Even though this was a “mini-session” for charity, I do still aim to give my clients a good range of images, so we made sure to finish up with a little bit of action at the end.

Because of the location, we had no choice but to keep Honey on her lead throughout, but with a little bit of work in post production, the lead has been completely edited out, leaving us with gorgeous images.


I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this little stunner, Hank (who forever in my eyes will be Hank the Hunk) on one of my fundraising sessions for Llys Nini.


LOCATION:  Penllergaer

TIME:  10:45am


Hank is a rescued cocker spaniel who has been with his new family for a year, he can be nervous of new people and situations, but he was an absolute star at our session.  You’ll see from the photos below that Hank really knows how to work the camera – he’s a dog model in the making 🙂

His human had pre-warned me that Hank wouldn’t be able to be let off his lead as he has some recall issues when he’s distracted, this was fine as the location we held the session at requires all dogs to be kept on leads anyway.  I always edit out leads in post processing regardless so this wasn’t really a problem.

Hank’s session was a mini version of my standard sessions (so 45 minutes instead of up to 2 hours) but regardless of session time, I do still aim to give my clients a good range of images, so we made sure to use the area to our advantage to get a variety of locations and poses – I think it paid off nicely.