The Service

Mucky Pup Photography is pretty unique - animals, their one in a million personailities and the reasons that their humans love them so much is my passion. It's my mission to put a freeze-frame on that, to capture the moments we have with them and to provide you with artwork that encapsulates why we go gooey-eyed for them. All this is done either on location surrounded by breathtaking scenery, or in the studio.


Based on the stunning Gower peninsula in South Wales we are incredibly spoiled for choice when it comes to locations. Perfectly located to take in the splendour of the beaches, clifftops, woods and valleys of the Gower and also, just a stone's throw away from the sublime Brecon Beacons and surrounding areas with its rugged mountains and many waterfalls - there really is no shortage of amazing locations to photograph your pet in all his glory.


So, has that whetted your appetite? You know what to do if it has...


Mucky Pup Photography is a unique and fun pet photography service based in Swansea, South Wales, born from my love of photography and my collie Dexter - yep, that beautiful boy right there.


I’m Sarah and I’ve been obsessed with photography for many years. Anything, whether it moved or not, was a target for me. But, having Dexter gave a purpose to my photography: that is to capture those precious moments in time that we share with him with photographs that just ooze his personality. Those images now fill up the walls in my home with stunning pieces of custom artwork - and I'm not ashamed to say that I have my very own dedicated "Dexter Wall". This is a service I now share with others: I provide pet lovers with artistic, joyful and timeless images of their pets, which capture their true spirit and nature.

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